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Dreluso contract manufacturing - new hall 2020

Dreluso Pharmazeutika GmbH has been a reliable player in the production and distribution of medicines, food supplements, cosmetics and medical products for over 80 years. Dreluso is an acronym of Dr. Elten & Sohn and the full name also tells the story of its origins: the pharmacist Dr. Paul Elten founded a manufacturing company together with his son out of a city pharmacy in 1938. What today would be called a start-up was then called, somewhat unwieldily, "Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Products". The company mainly produced prescriptions for the local medical profession.

The small laboratory quickly developed into a serious line of business alongside the pharmacy. In the mid-1940s, a first production facility with a laboratory was added. Just two years later, the production facility was registered as an independent company. It was steadily expanded, again moved into new premises and was later converted into a limited liability company (GmbH).

In addition to the production and marketing of 30 of its own products, the GMP-certified company has established a second mainstay with contract manufacturing. Depending on the customer's requirements, Dreluso Pharmazeutika takes over the complete range of work steps in the production of medicines and food supplements or offers individual sub-steps such as the packaging of bulk goods in secondary packaging. The portfolio ranges from the complete production of non-sterile liquids to packaging and the associated logistics.

Regardless of the batch size, the complete spectrum of packaging is offered: Folding carton filling with or without inserts, addition of measuring spoons or similar, replacement of inserts or change of pack sizes are just a few examples. In addition, several packaging units can be cellophaned, shrink-wrapped or bundled. Since 2018, the company has also been offering the legally required serialisation of prescription medicines in accordance with Directive 2011/62/EU and the associated regulations.

New hall construction 2020 - sustainable investment in the future

In summer 2020, the construction of another hall was started, which will be inaugurated as early as winter 2020 according to the planning.

Dreluso Pharmazeutika now has an additional 750 square metres of space for the packaging and temperature-controlled storage of semi-finished and finished goods. During the planning phase, the local hall construction company took energy aspects into account. The design of the necessary retention area for surface water as a near-natural area provides new habitats for insects, birds and other small animals in the middle of the industrial estate.

Dreluso Pharmazeutika also sees the investment at its headquarters as a clear commitment to Germany as a production location. International supply chains have become standard in a globalised world and offer numerous advantages. In times of crisis, however, the resilience of these supply chains is put to the test. Dreluso Pharmazeutika has been making a contribution here even before the political drive to re-locate more pharmaceutical industry in Germany or at least in Europe.

Company History:

  • 1938 foundation of the company by Dr. Ing. Paul Elten
  • 1946 first factory is opened
  • 1991 the company is renamed to Dreluso Pharmazeutika
  • 2009 the first contract manufacturing works are carried out
  • 2011 turnover of contract manufacturing has doubled
  • 2012 further expansion of contract manufacturing, purchase of another production facility
  • 2015 new logo, own homepage and management as profit center "Dreluso Lohnfertigung und Dienstleistungen"

    Dreluso contract manufacturing
  • 2017 Investment in Serialization and Tamper Evidence
  • 2020 Completion of a further warehouse